Hi, thanks for visiting my website.  One of the reasons why I decided to put this site together now, is that during my recent online travels I was pleasantly surprised to discover considerable interest in the many different stages of my career. I found that lo-fi, bootleg copies of demo tapes of my first band, Mandrake Paddle Steamer ( a.k.a. Mandrake ), have now become valuable collector's items in the U.K.. After playing with Greenslade in England and with the Ian Hunter/Mick Ronson Band in the U.S., I began the Polygram solo artist period of my career, and now out of print records and tapes from those years change hands regularly on ebay for considerable sums of money. Since then I've been busy writing songs for all different kinds of recording artists. Amongst other things, this site contains a comprehensive discography listing all the music from all these periods.
     Thank you all for your continued interest in my music.  I hope you enjoy the site.


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