Dear Friends,

The Martin Briley Band now has a few gigs under it's belt, we haven't strayed far from the NYC area yet but keep an eye on the band's Facebook page for upcoming shows.

I'm also pleased to announce the release of my new CD 'Iceberg Shrinking' on Fuel 2000 Records, available on iTunes and at fine stores everywhere.

Finally, if you live in the Cincinnati area, you may have heard WKRC Channel 12's new promo song 'So Cincinnati', written by yours truly.

I hope to see you at one of our shows soon



Dear Friends,

I'm pleased to announce that the Martin Briley Band is now ready to perform.

Just to remind you, the band consists of Ira Seigel ( guitar/vocals ), Douglas Hall ( keyboards/guitar/vocals ), Matt Anthony ( bass guitar ), Frank Vilardi ( drums ), and myself.
We also have a Facebook page at: facebook.com/martin.briley.band
I know some of you live in various far-flung parts of the world, but I'll keep you up to date anyway.

The very first gig is:

Hat City Kitchen, Orange, NJ 07050
Friday June 3rd 2011 at 9pm.
And then we'll be at:

The Bitter End, 147 Bleecker Street, NYC 10012
Monday June 20th 2011 at 9.30pm.

One step at a time, as our audience grows, so will our traveling.

I'd also like to thank everyone for their suggestions for which songs I should re-record. I'm busy putting these tracks together now, looks like it'll be a combination of unplugged versions of some old stuff, and some things you've never heard. I've also 99% finished a re-record of 'I Feel Like a Milkshake' from the 'Fear of the Unknown' album. I've just got to do the gurgling straw sound at the end!

Here's a little news bulletin, if any of you are in the Chicago area, there'll be a new network TV show on the air soon called 'Windy City Live' filling the empty slot Oprah's leaving behind, sort of a Regis & Kelly-type morning show. Anyway, I wrote the theme music, I hope you like it! (and I hope the show is HUGE and stays on the air long after I'm dead ) Finally, if you have a moment please visit martinbriley.com and check out all the new pages.

I look forward to meeting some of you at the gigs



Dear Friends, I just wanted to let you know that I'll be in L.A. April 23 - 25 where I'll be doing mentoring sessions at the ASCAP EXPO, which is held at the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel. If any of you are attending, hopefully I'll get to meet you.

One of my songs "Devastated' is on the new CD by Ballas Hough, just released on Hollywood Records, I've been promised the second single. Check it out.

Finally, I just wanted to remind you all once more that Universal finally got off their butt and released The Mercury Years ( as 'Salt In My Tears': The Complete Mercury Masters ) onto iTunes. I guess they didn't like my original cover art? And while you're on iTunes, it would be much appreciated if you took a moment to leave a comment for this new release, it seems after a certain number of comments I will earn an official iTunes review.

Thanks as always for your support


Dear Friends, I'm pleased to announce that Universal has at last made "Salt In My Tears: The Complete Mercury Masters" available on iTunes!! This includes ALL the songs from 'Fear of the Unknown', 'One Night With a Stranger' and 'Dangerous Moments', and a few embarrassing demos too.


"I'm pleased to announce that I recently produced, played and programmed two tracks, 'Get Your Rock On' and 'Every Ten Seconds', for 'American Mall', a new MTV production from the executive producers of 'High School Musical' which premieres on MTV on Monday August 11th at 9pm ET/PT. See the trailer on YouTube at this link and see the video for 'Get Your Rock On' on YouTube at this link


'Salt In My Tears' is now available at iTunes! As well as a new master of the original version there's an acoustic version and two new songs.


Dear Friends,

I'm pleased to announce that there is now a brand new PRODUCTION SERVICES section that has been added to the website.

and a myspace version has been created at:


Also, TWO extra songs have been added to all FOUR of my old myspace sites:

To hear the two extra songs from 'It Comes In Waves' ( available from iTunes ) go to:


To hear the two extra songs from 'The Mercury Years' ( which includes 'Salt In My Tears' ) go to:


To hear the two extra songs from 'Liverpool Echo' go to:


And to hear the two extra songs from 'The River' go to:


If your mouse finger has any energy left, go to:


where you'll be able to hear samples of yet another re-release from my sordid past!

"Between the Sea and the Sky" was an album I made in the '70s with Brian Engel when we were signed to George Martin's AIR group of companies.

Now digitally re-mastered and available for sale or download from Cherry Red at:


Hmm ….. what else?

I’m currently producing two tracks for the upcoming MTV production ‘American Mall’, from the same team that created ‘High School Musical’.

Two of the songs I co-wrote and produced for new artist Genevieve Labean, ‘The Bigger Better Deal’ and ‘Camouflage’, will be featured in a new TV series ‘High School Confidential’ on the WE network due to be aired next Spring.

Finally, my song ‘Beauty in the Silence’ recorded by Natascha Sohl on Granite Records will be featured in the final episode of ‘The Hills’ current season.



Martin's new CD, 'IT COMES IN WAVES', is now available at iTunes and Amazon, click on ORDER MUSIC for details. Plus, check out the newly updated DISCOGRAPHY SECTION!


 Martin's new cd, It Comes In Waves, will be  available in Europe on MTM Records by the end of the month. there is a good chance it will be available domestically soon as well.  Here is a glimpse of the album cover.
It Comes in Waves album cover



It has been too long since we updated this section. We apologize and feel forced to explain that sometimes we don't know what the hell is wrong with our I.T. Department, Or should I say I .T. Person, Or actually just me the "Keeper of All Things Computer Related" Due to technical issues far to complicated and other worldly for common mortals to understand there has been a lack of reporting on this, the News page. That shall be remedied,now.Martin will be giving a rare performance as TOKEN DUDE at:CHICK SINGER NIGHT
At the Bitter End
147 Bleecker Street (between LaGuardia & Thompson) N.Y.C.
Tuesday September 26th at 8pm
$10The chicks will be DANA CALITRI, VANEESE THOMAS and TABITHA FAIR.Martin will be performing three new songs from his upcoming CD release 'ItComes in Waves'.
Martin has been busy finishing up what will be his 4th solo album "It Comes In Waves", which will be available in Europe in a few months and possibly stateside too. The disc includes 11 new songs including the single "The Massage" that has been available through this site for a couple of years. Keep checking in or join the Newsgroup for updates.On another note, Rev-Ola will be re-issuing Briley & Engel "Between The Sea and The Sky" in November of 2006. Thirty-five years of waiting is over

You Tubes out there will be interested to find Martins "Salt in My Tears"
Video posted on YouTube.com



Happy New Year!

     Martin has dived into the MySpace.com  pool by creating  his own space.   You can listen to some new songs and add Martin to your friends list if you are so inclined.   Go to http://www.myspace.com/32518561  to check it out.

     Martin will also be teaching a course 'Songwriting for Musicians' at the New School in NYC.  The course will begin  in Spring of 2006

Revola Records releases Martin's early 70's project Liverpool Echo.
     Martin Briley has enjoyed a phenomenally diverse 40-year life in pop. From
humble origins as a founder member of late '60s Brit psych legends Mandrake
Paddle Steamer, through years of success as an in-demand session vocalist
and guitarist (featuring on recordings by Julian Lennon, Bonnie Tyler, Neil
Sedaka, The Modern Jazz Quartet, Engelbert Humperdinck, Lulu, Mick Jones,
Donna Summer, Dan Huff, Cliff Richard, Charlie Pride, Olivia Newton-John,
Johnny Mathis, Michel Legrand, The Hollies, Anton Fig, Chris Squire,
Meatloaf, Tom Jones, Albert Hammond, Ian Hunter, Mick Ronson, Andy
Williams, Jim Steinman, Charles Aznavour and Jimmy Webb amongst others -
no, I'm not making this up!) to belated solo success in the 80s with hit
single "Salt In My Tears" and a series of critically acclaimed solo albums
to his current post as one of only two hand-picked songwriters at Sir Paul
McCartney's MPL Communications. His songs have been recorded by Celine
Dion, *NSYNC, Dream, Michael Bolton, Kenny Loggins, Pat Benatar, Jessica
Andrews, 5-Star, Jeff Healey, Rebecca St. James, Nana Mouskouri, Willy
Nile, Gregg Allman and Barry Manilow and he was recently awarded an RIAA
award for worldwide sales of 8 million for Celine Dion's "A New Day Has
Come". Phew! A mighty impressive CV I trust you'll agree.

But way back in 1973, before all the plaudits and mega unit-shifting,
Martin, along with former Mandrake guitarist Brian Engel and session aces
Clem Cattini and Herbie Flowers, cut an album as The Liverpool Echo for the
London indie, Spark Records. The brief was to write a dozen songs that
evoked the spirit and spunk of early Merseybeat and record them as quickly
and authentically as possible for the label's 'Replay Series'. These days I
guess you'd call it power-pop. The band duly obliged, coming up with a
superb long-player that melded A Hard Day's Night-era Beatles melodies,
Cavern Club sweat, ultra-convincing production values and the kind of tough
early '70s performances that would've had emerging pub-rock movers like Dr
Feelgood and Brinsley Schwartz quaking in their bovver boots. If they'd
have heard it. Not surprisingly the album sank like a stone. Housed in a
sleeve depicting a Beatles-dominated front page from a 1963 edition of the
Liverpool Echo newspaper, it was an anachronism and an anomaly in a year
when glam and prog ruled the roost.

But time has been very kind to The Liverpool Echo and it's value has risen
steeply as word has spread among collectors - you'll be lucky to find a
copy for sale these days and if you do it's likely to set you back an arm
and a leg.

You Might As Well Surrender / Girl Said To Me / You Know It Feels Right /
No Not Again / Seems Like Today Will Never End / Gone Gone Gone / If I Told
You Once / Girl On The Train / Sally Works Nights / No More Tomorrows /
Don't You Know I've Been Lying / Another Night Alone


     Martin Briley and Andy Marvel ( Co-writer and co-producer of Jessica Simpson's “With You” ) are currently in the studio writing and producing songs for new Atlantic recording artist Jeannie.
     Recent collaborations include: Derek McDonald ( Universal recording artist ), Jeannie ( Atlantic recording artist ), Holly Lamar, Gary Philips, Christy Carlson Romano, Jennifer Perry, Laurie Bonavenia, Trudi Collins and Jennifer Karr.
If you are interested in hearing  soundbites of Martin  singing some of his  MPL demos,  
click  HERE       


     Martin's long awaited  box set of his solo recordings will be out early July.  No , Really!  We mean it this time.   Here is a glimpse of the cover art and copy from the promotional material. Please note that no red berets were actually  hurt or harmed in any way  during the making of the artwork.
     " In a perfect world, which this clearly isn't, Martin Briley would be a household name, putting his album out every 18 months or so to the delight of his several hundred thousand fans (we would have said millions, but we didn't want to be greedy). Instead, he practices his songwriting craft in a tiny home studio on behalf of others, and most of the recordings he makes these days are demos heard only by other artists and their managers. Now that's not exactly digging ditches, so don't cry for him, Argentina. But in the early Eighties, there was a perfect moment when public taste intersected with a tasteful musician for an MTV-driven Top Fifteen hit called "Salt In My Tears."

Mind you, Briley had already had a decent career by the time "Salt" hit the video screens. Starting off in a band called Mandrake Paddle Steamer, Briley segued into Dave Greenslade's eponymous prog-rock outfit for what was arguably their best album, Time and Tide. Following that, he moved to New York City and ultimately lined up a gig playing bass with Ian Hunter's band, contributing bass and vocals on the Short Back And Sides album as well as touring.

In 1981, opportunity, in the form of Mercury Records, knocked: Martin issued his first solo album, Fear Of The Unknown. Looking not unlike a British Jackson Browne on the back cover, Briley's arch sense of humor rocketed over the heads of the American public. Nonetheless, he made a second album. 1983's One Night With A Stranger contained what every successful artist in 1983 needed: an MTV hit. The song, "Salt In My Tears," was a middle finger in the rear view mirror of a failed relationship, and Briley, for his part in the video, played it with laconic ease, most of it supine on a couch. It wasn't that he had intended it that way, but food poisoning had overcome him on the day of shooting, so the director was forced to improvise around Briley's wooziness. The mother of invention spawned a beautiful child, and the single climbed the chart in tandem with its rotation on the tube. The single peaked at 15, the album at 55.

As you might expect, the anticipation for Dangerous Moments, Briley's third album, was extra-high. Producer Phil Ramone, known for his work with Paul Simon and Billy Joel, was brought on board. It was a marriage made on Jerry Springer's stage. Briley, ever the gentleman, obliquely suggests that they had different musical visions, but it's clear that the magic of One Night With A Stranger was not in evidence. The album peaked at 85, and while the title track grazed the top forty of the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, the ride was over, and Briley left Mercury.

Only the last two of Martin's albums have ever had a legitimate CD release, and they routinely fetch upwards of $150 on eBay (when you can get them). Our release contains every track from all three of his albums, PLUS six previously unreleased tracks unavailable anywhere else! All of them were painstakingly remastered in 2004, so they sound as clear and crisp as the day they were first laid down. Add to that extensive notes by noted rock critic Scott Schinder and complete lyrics by Briley Himself, and you have a deluxe snapshot of a very brief and fruitful period of a long and successful career.

Martin is currently working as one of two hand-selected staff writers at MPL Communications, Sir Paul McCartney's publishing house. Briley is considered by many to be one of the most prominent songwriters in America today, writing for such artists as Celine Dion, N'SYNC, Jessica Andrews, 5-Star, Willy Nile, Michael Bolton, Pat Benatar, Gregg Allman, Kenny Loggins and Barry Manilow, to name just a few. In fact, he was recently presented with an RIAA award for Celine Dion's "A New Day Has Come" for worldwide sales of 8 million. "

          Martin Briley was recently presented an RIAA award for Celine Dion's "A New Day Has Come" for worldwide sales of 8 million at ASCAP's New York headquarters.
   Briley is currently signed to Paul McCartney's MPL Music Publishing, Inc. and is the 2004 ASCAP Songwriter in Residence at the Berklee College of Music. Pictured (l-r) are ASCAP's Senior VP of Membership Tom DeSavia, Briley and ASCAP's AVP/Membership Loretta Munoz.

     Recently Martin was sent a copy of the  lyrics that were included in the "One Night With a Stranger"  Korean Release.  Interesting translation to say the least.  Check out what the Korean audience thought Martin was singing:  Korean Lyric Sheet

   Martin has been invited once again to participate in a songwriting clinic at the Berklee School of Music. He has been named the ASCAP Foundation’s Songwriter in Residence at Berklee. The clinic will be held April 15 and 16. More details to follow.


Martin will be a guest speaker at The Berklee School of Music on Friday,  August 15, 2003.   The "Songwriting as a Career" Clinic  will consist of a two hour lecture and a two hour song critiquing session.  

Martin Briley signing his new worldwide publishing deal at the New York offices of MPL Communications. Left to right: Alan Tepper ( VP Creative Services ), Martin, and Bill Porricelli ( Senior VP Promotion )

      Martin has just signed an exclusive worldwide publishing deal with Paul McCartney's MPL Communications. For more information on MPL Communications click here.  

    Just in time for 2003, Martin is making available a new song exclusively through his web site.  "The Massage" keeps with Martin's tradition of  delivering  pop rock sensibilities and witty lyrics.  

Listen To "The Massage"
(sample Mp3)

     If you would like to purchase a complete version of this song on CD, print and mail the mail order form on the Order Music page. Send it to us, along with a money order and we'll send you "The Massage".

     First things first!  The biggest news on the Martin Briley web site is the site itself.  After much thought, consideration and prompting from fans of his music, Martin decided to hurl himself into cyber space.  We hope you like the results.   Be sure and contact us at Info@MartinBriley.com if you have any suggestions, questions or other information that may be helpful.

  This year, "Salt in my Tears" reared it's ugly head yet again on a massive, new compilation called, "Like, Omigod! The '80s Pop Culture Box ( Totally )" on Rhino Records.

Keep in touch.

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